Ramon Solsona in 1960s Cardós

Ramon Solsona, Allò que va passar a Cardós [What happened in Cardós], 2016, 464 p.

Publisher’s summary:

A guàrdia civil [policeman] is being assassinated in the Cardós valley in a snowy night of 1965. The crime’s causes and consequences cross a territory that has been shaken by the works of a big hydroelectric complex. Thousands of workers dig out kilometres of subterranean galleries, vertical shafts and power stations that are invisible from the outside. The life of the valley’s inhabitants is being transformed. There breathe new airs, the [Spanish Civil] war recedes into the background, there arrive TV, the SEAT 600 [car], the twist and the bikini.

Like gold diggers, a row of people come to Cardós searching for work. They stay in camps and villages, from the valley plane up to the highest lakes, and their histories of emigration and uprooting, of love and fight intersect with each other. There are conflicts of living together, economic prosperity, work accidents, corruption, and the permanent background of the [Franco] dictatorship. An assassination connects it all.

Six years after L’home de la maleta [The man with the suitcase], Ramon Solsona offers an epic and vibrant novel that has got the roundness of the classics.

Carles Geli entitled his positive review for El País, “Vida i mort a les ‘piràmides’ dels Pirineus” [Life and death at the “pyramids” of the Pyrenees].

SOURCE: Proa/Grup 62 (publisher); El País, Aug. 31, 2016


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