Iñaki Martínez’ “City of lies”

Iñaki Martínez, La ciudad de la mentira [City of lies], 2016, 464 p.

The publisher offers a summary in English.

On the author:

Iñaki Martínez (Guatemala, 1954) is the son of a Panamanian mother and a Basque father (an exile and member of the Brigada Vasca [Basque brigade] during World War II). A law graduate, he grew up and studied in Spain, and during his youth he was a founding member of Euskadiko Ezkerra and member of various anti-Franco political organizations in Euskadi [Basque Country]. His life has always been spent between Latin America and Spain: he was part of the international relations commission of the guerrilla of El Salvador and worked as international representative for the Basque government. He also wrote on international politics for different newspaper from the Basque Country, Panama, Mexico and Nicaragua. He is the author of Arresti, a novel on the relation between ETA and the business world. With City of Lies he was finalist of the Nadal prize 2015.

The novel’s central theme sounds interesting and the “Cultura/s” review was a positive one; often the finalist works of the big prizes are considered the real literay winners. On the other hand, the readers valuations on the publisher’s website don’t sound too enthusiastic…

SOURCE: Destino (publisher)


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