Marta Carnicero’s “The sky according to Google”

El cel segons Google - MARTA CARNICERO

Marta Carnicero, El cel segons Google [The sky according to Google], 2016, 144 p.

Publisher’s summary:

The arrival at home of Naïma, a girl adopted by Julia and Marcel, was meant to be the beginning of a fulfilled familiy life, but the new situation lived by the couple reveals a hidden reality that strove to burst. A short and intense novel, made from the knowledge of who we are, written with a scalpel and trimmed with loopholes of irony that leave us with a half smile on our lips.

The review of L’ílla dels llibres [Book island] is a positive one. They remark that the book is Carnicero’s first novel, after publishing several cooking books:

Marta Carnicero [Barcelona, 1974] has written a novel with a very graphic and direct language, a short but intense text that brings us closer to very typical situations and scenes lived by a young couple.

… it also treats questions referring to remembering and memories that occasionally do not ajust to reality.

El cel segons Google by Marta Carnicero has been cooked slowly but in reading is devoured quickly leaving very good sensations.

The book is being/has been translated to English by Alicia Meier. Further information can be found on the PEN USA website.

SOURCE: La Magrana (publisher); L’ílla dels llibres (literary news website)


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