Snippet: Café de Gijón prize to Isabel Bono

Isabel Bono, Una casa en Bleturge [A house in Bleturge], 2017, 212 p.

Translated excerpts from an article by Jaime Cedillo:

Una casa en Bleturge [A house in Bleturge] by Isabel Bono is the winning novel of the 66th edition of the Café de Gijón novel prize, endowed with 20,000 EUR. It’s the story of a married couple that prematurely lost their child, a fact that becomes the axis on which turns the family, dragged by culpability and underground hate. The author commented that “it is a novel that talks about loneliness and pain, precisely two topics that never spent themselves.” She included the death of a child “because it best represents this pain.”

The jury pointed out the “undoubtable literary quality and the highly original and demanding character of the work.” That the writer managed to find the right tone for each person and to make the finished work as a whole plausible, from the experiences lived by the different characters to the obsessions and fears suffered from by each of them. A work “that results tender, cruel and really moving.”

Isabel Bono (Málaga, 1964) started to write at age 7 and has published 14 poetry collections so far [cf. her personal blog (in Spanish)].  As to her working method, when asked Bono explained that she constructs her fiction from moments recovered from day to day life. Apparently, the jury had some difficulties getting in touch with her to communicate the prize as Bono doesn’t like social networks. The winning novel, chosen among nearly 1,000 entries, will be published by Siruela.

Update Feb. 3, 2017:                                                                                                                     Meanwhile, the novel has come onto the market. The publisher’s summary can be consulted in Spanish at the source.

SOURCE: El Cultural, Sept. 7, 2016; Siruela (publisher)


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