Snippet: Roberta Vázquez, illustrator

“Anodino en un cuadro de Hopper” (C) Roberta Vázquez


Roberta Vázquez (Santiago de Compostela, 1989) is an illustrator who lives and works in Barcelona. Her “main character” is called Bobby Patata.

In March 2016, Marie Claire magazine listed her as one of seven Spanish illustrators one needed to follow on Instagram and characterized her as follows:

Her little animals are anything but naïve, they are badass, sarcastic, and they reflect the worst of contemporary life. They are very funny.

On September 20, 2016, she had 3,133 followers on Instagram.

This blogger discovered her through a short documentary made by “Página 2” literary [Spanish state RTVE] TV magazine [around 4 minutes, in Spanish, showing her at work].

Vázquez is a self-publisher, and some of her works can be acquired online.

[A google search leads first to a blog on where Vázquez hasn’t posted anything new since November 2015, which this blogger fully understands who also started there and left it due to the limitations as to the domain name, formats, etc.]


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