Snippet: Montero Glez

Montero Glez, El carmín y la sangre [Lipstick and blood], 2016, 336 p.

Premio de Novela Ateneo de Sevilla [Ateneo de Sevilla novel prize]

On TV it was presented as a spy novel centered on Gibraltar during Word War II and Ian Fleming before he became a novelist, and also as “extreme”.

Publisher’s summary:

A spy novel with a political and historic background: the Spanish Civil War, World War II, and the fight between communism, the Allies and fascism. Commander Ian Fleming, who later on will become famous for being the creator of James Bond, is during World War II an agent as His Majesty’s service, destined to Gibraltar with the aim of helping Major Donovan in his efforts to convince the Americans to enter WWII. In addition his mission is to do whatever possible to prevent Gibraltar from aerial attacks. Fleming arrives on the islet in February 1941 where he get to know General Clive Gerard Liddell, the governor of Gibraltar. He also gets to know the dancer Juana la Petenera. Fleming and la Petenera unite their destinies and their bodies, Fleming even falls in love with her, but the irreconcilable positions that the war infuses them, make impossible an understanding .

 The little information of the Wikipedia article on the author:

Roberto Montero González, better known as Montero Glez (Madrid, 1965), is a Spanish writer.

In his work he links himself with the tradition of the grotesque of Valle Inclán and the dirty realism of Charles Bukowski.

(The links of this Wikipedia article lead to a website and a blog that are no longer operative…)

This blogger would be interested in the historical background but doesn’t like “extreme dirty realistic” (?) novels…

SOURCE: Algaida (publisher)

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