Snippet: Carmen Laforet’s “Nothing” (1944/45)


Thanks to some excerpts cited on Spanish state TV’s “Página 2” literature program, this blogger checked out Carmen Laforet’s novel Nada from the local library and has been impressed in a way hardly ever experienced by a Spanish book; it seemed like a successful combination of Charles Dickens in the description of the city surroundings, and J.D. Salinger in the narrative voice of the lone youngster – though this book was published six years before The Catcher in the Rye, and the protagonist, Andrea, is astonishingly mature for her age. It won the first Nadal [Christmas] prize ever awarded, in 1944, and was published in 1945.

You can find out more about the author Carmen Laforet (1921-2004) and her most famous novel from The Guardian‘s obituary, the book review, and the Wikipedia article dedicated to Nada.

Nada: A Novel is still available on where it has received excellent reader critiques.

SOURCE: author website (cover picture)



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