Snippet: Sanmao’s “Story of the Sahara”

Not a Spanish author but a kind of Spanish setting of its not too remote colonial past.

According to the press, with the parallel publication in Catalan and Spanish, this essay collection -describing Sanmao’s life between 1974 and 1975- has been translated to Western languages for the first time, though Asian readers have been able to read it for years in the original Chinese version, with “10 million copies sold during the last five years.”

El País has got this article in English on the book and its author.

Chen Ping [a.k.a. Sanmao; 1943-1991]’s biography can be found in the Wikipedia.

The publishing label responsible for the double edition, :Rata_ (“rat”), part of the publishing house Casa Catedral, Enciclopèdia Catalana group, doesn’t seem to have a website yet.


SOURCE: Llucia Ramis, weekly column, La Vanguardia, Nov. 12, 2016, p. 44 (printed edition); El País, Oct. 25, 2016

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