Snippet: Miguel Hernández legacy online

La Vanguardia newspaper calls it “one of the most important heritages of Spanish literature of the 20th century.” The legacy of the poet Miguel Hernández (1910-1942; Wikipedia article), i.e. nearly 6,000 files -manuscripts, brochures, sheets, historical press clippings, sound recordings, and images- have been digitalized and put online (Spanish) by the Instituto de Estudios Giennenses [Institute of Jaén Studies, IEG], a body financed by the regional administration of Jaén province.

Among the documents that can be consulted are Hernández’ correspondence with other poets of his generation, such as Juan Ramón Jiménez, and the manuscripts of works such as Cancionero y romancero de ausencias [Poetry of absences], Dos cuentos para Manolillo [Two stories for Manolillo], El niño yuntero [The yoke boy] and Canción del esposo soldado [Song of the husband soldier], among others.

One can also have a look at the suitcase with which Hernández travelled to Madrid in 1931 to become part of the literary scene there, and his Underwood  No. 5 typewriter.

The town of Quesada in Jaén province also houses a museum dedicated to Miguel Hernández and his wife Josefina Manresa, who was born there (website, Spanish).

SOURCE: article by Adolfo S. Ruíz, La Vanguardia, December 3, 2016, p. 43 (printed edition)


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