Snippet: Pablo Martín Sánchez’ “Yours is tomorrow”

Portada Tuyo es el mañana

Pablo Martín Sánchez, Tuyo es el mañana [Yours is tomorrow]

Pablo Martín Sánchez was born on 18 March 1977, the day covered by the present novel. His first novel was called “The anarchist who shared my name”, centered on the anarchist Pablo Martín Sánchez. The author has indicated that a future novel might center on Reus, his birthplace.

Publisher’s summary of Tuyo es el mañana:

«Today you are going to be born. You should not but you are going to. You should not because it’s hell out there. There are demonstrations every day. The people talk about elections. About attacks. About amnesties. […] But the history that is going to mark your life is going to happen a lot closer, at a few kilometres’ distance. It is going to happen in Barcelona, and there is going to be a girl and a dog, a man and a woman, an old man and a painting. You hear the bells of a nearby church. You feel a new contraction. Today you are going to be born. You should not but you are going to.» At midnight of 18 March 1977 the fate of a baby that slides through his mother’s cervix is linked to the lives of six individuals. Tuyo es el mañana is the work of an able demiurge who, by enrolling the characters’ different and colourful voices in the sequence of time and space, recreates the overlapping plot of hazards which life consists of, and who reveals to us a wonderful garden of converging paths.


Fellow writer Màrius Serra, in his weekly column in La Vanguardia newspaper, presented the writer and qualified his first novel as “brilliant” and “a prodigy of narrative force.” As to the present one, he wrote:

Tuyo es el mañana … puts into the form of a novel 24 hours of pre-Transition [to democracy] Barcelona that has just begun ‘post-Franco-ism’ and still struggles in an ocean of uncertainties. A current topic as you can see. We follow this from the movements of six narrators that represent [society] from the old guard of the regime to the young students, via a persecuted Chilean and my favourite, the galgo Solitario VI, who wants to flee the Meridiana greyhound track.

A presentation on Spanish TV stressed Martín Sanchez’ concentration on detail when bringing back to life the Barcelona of 1977, and that the novel contains a kind of soundtrack with music of that age. A Spanish Knausgaard?

This blog contains a post on Martín Sánchez’ first novel dating from 2013.

The Wikipedia article (Spanish) informs on the writer Pablo Martín Sanchez’ diversified advanced studies (a double PhD) and his bibliography. His personal homepage (Spanish) reveals his other activities, e.g. as a translator.

SOURCE: Acantilado (publisher); La Vanguardia, Dec. 3, 2016, p. 43 (printed edition)


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