Natalia Carrero’s “I myself, I suppose”

jo mateixa, suposo-natalia carrero-9788494489105

Natàlia Carrero, Jo mateixa, suposo [I myself, I suppose], 2016

Publisher’s summary:

Valentina Cruz’ life has always been characterized by a feeling of not belonging to her environment. She didn’t fit into her Barcelona family that was dominated by a despotic father figure who made it impossible at all to establish the weakest affective link. She doesn’t fit into the Madrid neighbourhood where she lives now, superficial and empty, with a social life that doesn’t give her anything. She doesn’t fit into official culture, too concerned with easy literature and that underrates the subversive value of good literature. She hardly fits into her family, her husband and her daughters, but it is a fitting reached through blows of balancing, strategy, submission and renunciations.

Valentina Cruz searches in literature the authenticity that life negates to her, she addresses writing as a broken mirror that returns to her her wounds, she surrenders to difficult reading, which requires effort, that questions everything. It is here where she looks for her space; an uncomfortable place, but the only one to survive.

The publisher, :Rata_, part of Enciclopédia Catalana, doesn’t have a website yet or makes it very difficult to find it… The book was among La Vanguardia‘s recommendations for the fall. To this blogger it sounds too “difficult”…

Thank you for following this blog in 2016. All the best for 2017!

SOURCE: Casa del Libro (bookseller)


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