Snippet: Agustín Fernández Mallo’s “Nocilla Dream”

Agustín Fernández Mallo, Nocilla Dream [Hershey dream], 2007, 226 p.

Publisher’s summary:

“A book full of hits, of memorable pages, of delicious details that, as Juan Bonilla notes in his accurate prologue, in no way ought to pass by unnoticed.”

Vicente Luis Mora, Quimera, Nov. 2006.

Nocilla dream, that can bear without regret the label indie, is one of the riskiest narrative bets of recent years. It is full of references to the American independent cinema, to the history of collage, to conceptual art, to pragmatic architecture, to the PCs’ evolution and to the novel’s decadence. Agustín Fernández Mallo concentrates on the outsiders of the 21st century, and especially on the mysteriours connection between some alternative and globalized lives that travel through B movie scenarios: blondes from a whorehouse who dream that some customer takes them to the East, anarchists who live in strange micronations, Chinese senior citizens addicted to surfing, an Argentine who lives in a Las Vegas apart-hotel and builds a unique monument to Jorge Luis Borges… All of them trapped in the leading metaphor of deserts and of the beauty of the empty.


They call it a novel, but is is rather a collection of 113 short pieces, some of them connected or referring to each other. The individual pieces consist of a few lines or up to three pages. Some of them are quotations from scientists, episodes from the history of science, etc. All of them are entertaining. They can be read individually or in a row and make for a surprisingly pleasureable reading experience; maybe like your favourite columnist in a newspaper’s weekend edition. Nocilla Dream has been succeeded by Nocilla Experience and Nocilla Lab, so far unknown to this blogger.

The English Wikipedia has got a short article on the author; the Spanish one is more comprehensive…

SOURCE: Candaya (publisher)



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