Snippet: Enric Puig Punyet’s “The great addiction”[to Internet]- non-fiction

Enric Puig Punyet, La gran adicción: Cómo sobrevivir sin internet y no aislarse del mundo [The great addiction: how to survive without Internet and not to isolate oneself from the world], 2016, 220 p. (classified as Psychology by the publisher)

Publisher’s summary (back cover):

Who hasn’t observed themselves wasting time while navigating adrift on the Internet? Who hasn’t felt intoxicated by the continuous bombardment with insubstantial information? Who hasn’t suffered the annoyance of a mobile screen interfering in a conversation? Exposed, without intimacy, haven’t you ever felt the need to disconnect, an apparently impossible feat in a world where nearly everything is done online?

This book is for those who to a greater or lesser degree feel the Internet’s disadvantages and the addictions it generates. It collects the testimony of ten people who someday decided not to ever connect to the Internet again and who managed to do it. They didn’t do it because of nostalgia for the past or of the desire for a bucolic escape to the countryside. On the contrary, they are young city dwellers who are satisfied with their lives, who wanted to regain the direct contact with others and with themselves. Together, the constitute the first community of “formerly connected”.

To disconnect today is a rare measure of resistance. But in a world saturated by information, images and messages, that at the same time generates loneliness, anxiety and inequality, more and more people desire to close this tap that is always open to concentrate again on that which occurs around them. How to survive without Internet and not isolate oneself from the world?

Enric Puig Punyet is the founder of “” and of “Enter Forum,” an international meeting on the social repercussions of Internet use. He is a Doctor of Philosophy (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and École Normale Supérieure Paris),  writer, artist and independent commissar; his work formalizes through movie essays and texts for different cultural publications. He is the author of La cultura del ranking [The ranking culture; Bellaterra, 2015], a regular contributor to artistic and cultural centers, and a professor of Universitat Oberta de Catalunya [distance education university]. He is also the leader and soloist of the Indie electronic band Plexyglas.

To this blogger it seems a good idea to reduce one’s daily exposition to Internet, especially to social networks and celebrity news sites, etc. But a total disconnect would be a priviledge for city dwellers, because country life without access to the Internet would be boring, dreary, and uncomfortable, as the contact to friends and family and access to a lot of goods and services would be either impossible or involve long rides on a “complicated” road network…

SOURCE: Arpa (publisher); author interview on RTVE’s Página 2, Jan. 17, 2017

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