Snippet: Raül Garrigasait’s “Strangers”


Raül Garrigasait, Els estranys [The Strangers], 2017, 192 p.

Publisher’s summary:

In the year 1837, in the middle of the Carlist war [cf. the Wikipedia article for the background], in a moment of a violent clash between the past and the future, a young Prussian crosses the Pyrenees to fight in favour of Order, but a misunderstanding leaves him stuck in a ruinous and buffling city. With the passing days his amazement only grows, until it becomes a constant company, the only way left to him to view the world. Friendship, family, religion, politics: in the place everything flips, or transfigures, or becomes undone.

Els estranys is a novel that moves between humour and tragedy, full of music, of eccentric characters and of scenes of an extraordinary plasticity. With a style that touches all registers, changing between the present and the past, the book makes the readers travel to the center of strangeness that everyone carries inside him- or herself.

After translating Greeks and Germans for a long time, Raül Garrigasait (Solsona, 1979) surprised his readers with a sparkling essay, El gos cosmopolità i dos espècimens més [The cosmopolitan dog and two other specimens]. The pleasure of merging narration and reflection in one and the same work that already manifested itself in that book, has made him write the present novel.

All of this sounds very strange to this blogger…


SOURCE: Edicions del 1984 (publisher’s blog)


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