Snippet: Lolita Bosch’s “Rage”

Lolita Bosch, La rábia [Rage], 2016

Premi Roc Boronat 2016 [prize]

Publisher’s summary:

Brave, honest and brutally personal, Lolita Bosch’s new novel remembers the bullying suffered by the author during her adolescence. The Roc Boronat prize 2016 is a moving and essential story, a denunciation of an execrable and too often silenced reality. Today, Lolita is a renowned writer and journalist; a mother who works for peace and who is happy to live. And finally she has found the strength to write about her adolescence, when at age fourteen to seventeen, like many other adolescents, she was the victim of bullying.

Lolita suffered insults and humiliations, and she felt the indifference and contempt. She became someone who wants to pass unnoticed, a nobody, and she had to learn what it means to be steel and to only want that the days that pass so slowly come to an end, an end, an end… A time of cruel complicity between classmates, but relieved by a green diary in which the author began to write about the unbearable feeling of drowning that crumbled her, about the darkness that surrounded her, and about the rage that grew thinking this would last for ever. Until today. A narration that oozes feeling and sincerity and that one reads with a heavy heart, in the same manner that the author lived during the years that she describes here. A required reading.

“To hate is to go away. To march. To flee. To lose. To feel rage however, is to feel defeated. It is like watching things from a very small and very high door that leads to an immense world far down and where nearly everything seems to be in the dark. A world where you don’t know why but you want to enter again. Make it your own. Maybe to find there the only exit door. Rage is a strange form of hope.”

Lolita Bosch was born in Barcelona in 1970, but she lived in Albons (Baix Empordà), the United States, India and Mexico, which she has considered home for more than 20 years. She is a novelist and a peace activist. But she also writes children’s and juvenile literature, essays, and she edits anthologies. Two of her novels were made into movies. In total she has written more than 70 books that have been translated into different languages. She has won prestigious awards in literature and in journalism. She constantly investigates from all possible angles the links between literature, violence and peace. lists quite a few of her books but none in English.

You can find more author information and links in this post written in 2013.

SOURCE: Ara Llibres (publisher)


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