Snippet: Sant Jordi’s Catalan bestseller

Xavier Bosch, Nosaltres dos [The two of us], 2017, 560 p.

Publisher’s summary:

«Friendship must be this: the invisible links to somone whom you haven’t seen in fifteen years and it’s like having talked to them the day before yesterday».

Kim and Laura get to know each other in college. They come from very different worlds. He, seductive and unconcerned, is the son of a hotel owner of Barcelona’s Passeig de Gràcia [“Park Avenue”]. She, from Banyoles [interior of Girona province, “Minnesota”], is plain, idealist and she knows that life is based on details. Together they laugh, have fun, and united by the bond of friendship they overcome destiny’s barriers. In spite of their diverging paths, they know that they are there to help each other.  Distance doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter that they don’t meet in a long time. They are friends, as there aren’t many, resisting everything.

Is friendship possible between a man and a woman?

You can read more on the author and his work on Grup 62’s foreign rights page.

Bosch’s latest book was the one that sold best on Sant Jordi’s 2017 in the category of Catalan fiction. Your blogger has read some of Bosch’s crime novels, and they were quite intelligent and entertaining, but they are not Literature in a strict sense.

SOURCE: Columna (Grup 62 – Planeta)


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