Snippet: Roberto Santiago’s “Ana”

Roberto Santiago, Ana [Anna], 2017, 864 p.

publisher’s summary:

Years ago, Ana Tramel was a brilliant criminal lawyer sought after by the best firms. A negative event in her past changed her life, and nowadays she spends her days in administrative resources in a mediocre firm, drowning in a glass of whisky. But her life is upset when her brother Alejandro, whom she hasn’t talked to in five years, calls her distressed. He has just been arrested for the murder of the director of the Casino Gran Castilla.
Ana asks her boss and old friend Concha for help. She needs the structure and the resources of the office to carry forward a defense in which she has got practically everything against her. Together with a peculiar team (an old investigator, a young female lawyer new to the job, and an intern addicted to gambling) she confronts the big gambling companies.

Ana, an absorbing thriller starring an intelligent but finished woman, brilliant but autodestructive, unique.

A dark murder
A protagonist who will leave her mark.
A battle that everybody considers lost.
A thriller that you will not be able to forget.

Roberto Santiago is a writer, playwright and movie director. He is the author of more than twenty novels for children and juvenile readers. Among others, the Futbolísimos series, that has become the most sold Spanish children’s literature saga during recent years, and that has been translated to various languages. He wrote and directed, among others, the movies El penalti más largo del mundo [The longest penalty in the world] (nominated for the Goya [Spanish Oscar] for best script), El club de los suicidas [The suicides’ club], Al final del camino [At the way’s end] and the international coproduction El sueño de Iván [Ivan’s dream]. In theatre, he wrote the adaptations of Ocho apellidos vascos [Eight Basque family names], El otro lado de la cama [The other side of the bed] and Perversiones sexuales en Chicago [Sexual perversity in Chicago], by David Mamet, among others. He contributed to various TV series; he is a profesor at the Escuela Oficial de Cine de la Comunidad de Madrid [Oficial movie academy of the Madrid region]; and his short film Ruleta [Roulette] was the first Spanish short film to compete in the official section of the Cannes film festival. Ana is his first novel for adults.

The presentation of the book on Spanish television’s Página 2 literature program sounded really interesting, though this blogger will wait until his public library makes the book available, or that in around two years there will be a cheaper paperback edition [ironically, most of the new and expensive Spanish novels are only paperbacks; it is hard to find nice, bound copies]. His ten year old daughter has already read a lot of Santiago’s children’s novels – their appeal probably lies to a great extent in the fact that they are richly illustrated.

SOURCE: Planeta (publisher)


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