Snippet: Another “Fátima” miracle?

Dear readers, please forgive this blogger’s frivolous thoughts, but he finds it a big coincidence that a Portuguese singer won the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time in history on the same day that Pope Francis visited the Fátima pilgrimage site in Portugal to canonize two of the child shepherds who maintained that the Holy Virgin appeared to them in May 1917…

You can read more on the Pope’s visit in an article by The Guardian and in the Vatican’s newspaper L’Osservatore Romano; more on “Our Lady of Fátima” in the Wikipedia.

As to the Eurovision Song Contest a few hours later, The Guardian offers an article and a video with the winning singer, Salvador Sobral (Lisbon, 1989; Wikipedia).

Your blogger is neither Roman Catholic nor a keen follower of the Eurovision SC. He admires the social work done by the Roman Catholic Church through “Caritas” in Portugal and Spain, two countries where the welfare state is underdeveloped in comparison to countries further to the north, such as Germany…


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