Not literary: Norman Foster Foundation Madrid

To be opened on June 1, 2017 with a forum “Future Is Now”.

74,000 items, among them 400 models of the most important buildings, 1,239 notebooks with sketches, 8,000 project drawings, 56,000 photos, his professional library and archive, correspondence and memorabilia, an art collection and a collection of industrial objects.

Spaces for classes and seminars to put into practice the investigative, academic and multidisciplinary vocation of the institution to prepare new generations to… create a better world. To be open to researchers and young students who would like to develop interdisciplinary projects in which merge architecture, the new technologies and the challenges of the future.

“One has to ask oneself what diferentiates a city that depends on the car from one that doesn’t. One has to ask oneself what lessons we learn from a dense, traditional city, with quality of life and a controlled energy consumption, if we compare it with American cities that colonize a lot of space, that depend on the car and that waste energy.”

“Everything is related to the way of creating energy, to achieve that buildings function better, that their users feel better inside them, living in a healtier way, and all of this without leading to a significantly higher bill on the way.”

Norman Foster in an interview with La Vanguardia

Foster describes Madrid as a dense city with relatively few skyscrapers where you are not dependent on a car. [Which is true if you are very well off and can live in a posh neighbourhood such as Chamberí in the center; though the air-quality in all of Madrid is often below of what EU standards consider “healthy”. Maybe his foundation will help to change that…]

SOURCE: Norman Foster Foundation; Llàtzer Moix, La Vanguardia, May 27, 2017, pp. 34-36 [printed edition]


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