Snippet: Cabré’s “When the twilight comes”

Jaume Cabré, Quan arriba la penombra [When the twilight comes], 2017, 288 p.

Publisher’s summary:

A frightened child that rebels against the tyranny of a teacher, a murderer who confesses in front of the next victim, a thief consumed by a painting that he just stole, a writer who threatens his publisher with suicide, an old man who takes a walk through the settings where he served during the war… These are shocking stories that intertwine or meet each other, always with dynamism, energy, a touch of humour and incursions into fantasy.

Quan arriba la pensombra is a collection of stories that light up like flintstones. There are restless individuals who would like to be somewhere else, lawless characters, aromas of a thriller, bits of irony, fantastic elements… with the technical mastery that has made him a celebrated author in all of Europe -forward and backward jumps, changes in the viewpoint, braiding voices-, but also with the vital passion. Jaume Cabré has put together a compact book without any superfluous word. Quan arriba la penombra is a story collection imbricated in a solitary and full cone, stories touched by darkness and rage, but also by irony, fantasy and playing.


Cabré’s previous novel Confessions has been translated into English, cf. this 2014 post, one of the most popular ever on this blog. There is also a 2015 post on an essay.

SOURCE: Grup 62 (Planeta, publisher)


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