Snippet: Notivol’s “Emptying the cabinets”

Rodolfo Notivol, Vaciar los armarios [Emptying the cabinets], 2016, 388 p.

publisher’s summary:

Marina, the second of nine siblings, looks back after the years and in a long monologue slowly reveals the history of her family. With its lights and shadows, the records surface with the naturalness of her who narrates in the only possible way what happened.

In the same way as when an old family cupboard is emptied, the words and events of a whole lifetime are exposed to light again: the child games, the complicity of and differences between siblings, the house where they grew up, a mother with a sour character who irradiates a powerful presence, the different ways that they took when they became adults. And in the background, the necessity of affection and the incapacity of showing it. The search for happiness, the outstreched hands and the words that were not spoken.

In Vaciar los armarios, Rodolfo Notivol narrates in a masterful way stories as universal as those of all families, and so particular as those that only happen in our family.

Juan Ángel Juristo (critic): “… the reader is torn between tears and laughter. This is the best quality of the book, which makes it precious.”

SOURCE: Xordica (publisher); J.A. Juristo, review in “Cultura/s”, La Vanguardia, May 27, 2017, p. 8 [printed edition]


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