Snippet: A literary discovery (not Iberian)


While on holidays, on an afternoon trip to Essen, Germany, this blogger discovered an open air bookcase where everyone who passes by can take out books or leave them. The cabinet was clean and contained about 50 (also clean) books to choose from, some old ones, classics and unknown works, and also some recent ones; the great majority in German, but there were also some Spanish and English titles…

The location is in front of the Grillo Theatre, Theaterplatz (U-Bahn: Hirschlandplatz), and the bookcase was placed there by the Mercator Foundation (website). (Close by is a big bookstore, one of the reasons we came to Essen on a rainy afternoon: Meyersche Buchhandlung, which also sells a wide range of non-German works.) Other cabinets placed by the same foundation around the Ruhr area can be found here. (As far as your blogger find out, the project is considered finalized but still working…)

We took two books, and the next time we visit we will bring some to leave there. A nice way of bookcrossing without registers, etc….



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