Snippet: Sánchez-Cuenca on intellectual impudence

Ignacio Sánchez-Cuenca, La desfachatez intelectual. Escritores e intelectuales ante la política [Intellectual impudence. Writers and intellectuals and politics], 2016 (1st ed.), 2017 (extended edition), 248 p.

Publisher’s summary:

Intellectual impudence is a very common phenomenon in our public sphere. A lot of the most prestigious and visible Spanish intellectuals, almost always writers and people of letters, characterize themselves by participating in the political debate with superficial and frivolous ideas, brought forward in a sharp and arrogant manner. The intellectual impudence is sustained by a widespread impunity, that results from an absence of an explicit criticism of the opinions of the principal figures of our intellectual class. This book presents numerous examples of ill-conceived opinions, with neither attention to the facts nor to the basic rules of argumentation, on different topics such as nationalism, terrorism, and the [economic] crisis. Our most famous intellectuals don’t come out well. In front of the figure of the intellectual who pontificates on any issue, [the sociologist Sánchez-Cuenca] makes the case for a more plural public sphere, less personality centered and with more efficient filters that raise the standard of our political debate.

New, extended edition.

With the replica by Sánchez-Cuenca on the criticism by Savate, Azúa, Juaristi, Cercas…

The Wikipedia offers a short author article.

As to the current situation in Spain, especially the Catalan independence referendum, The Guardian offers a balanced view in English.


SOURCE: Catarata (publisher)


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