Snippet: Eva Baltasar’s “Permafrost”


Eva Baltasar, Permagel [Permafrost], 2018, 192 p.

Premi Llibreter 2018 [Barcelona and Catalan booksellers’ prize for a published work, not endowed financially]

publisher’s summary:

Permafrost is that part of the earth that doesn’t ever totally thaw, and it’s the membrane that coats the heroine of this book. A manner to preserve that very soft part inside a person in formation. The outer world threatens, one has to dare to leave the familiar cell. Afterwards, gather strength: not doing anything but f***ing and reading. To find a place where the lie isn’t necessary, where the ice cracks. And begin.

from Miracle Sala’s review:

The whole novel focuses from and to the female universe: the vision that the female protagonist has got of herself and her own circumstances, the relationship with the women of her family (mother, sister and cousins) and with her lovers. Psychological disorders, effervescence of desire and s** between women, the discovery of the narrative “I” through a lively, modern, therapeutic and overflowing language.

The protagonist reveals herself as suicidal, but she is very vital. She seems cynical and cold, but she has got tenderness and patience. She is ironic, but also philosophical, with a very rich internal world. It seems that she is too lazy for life, but she likes to spend her time reading, enjoying s**, eating, art… “People are an accumulations of dresses and shoes,” she says in one moment of the work. But through the liveliness and the rhythm imposed by her language and the sincerity of feelings that she pours in it, we know that she is that and a lot more.

Permagel is the beginning of a trilogy that will continue with Boulder and Mamut. We congratulate Eva Baltasar to a strong beginning in the novel genre, with the firm step of a poetic and personal style that breaks up the ice and carries her readers away on the flow of words.


SOURCE: Laie (bookstore; the publisher’s website is under construction); review on Núvol (March 13, 2018)


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