Snippet: Luna Miguel’s “Lolita’s funeral”

megustaleer - El funeral de Lolita - Luna Miguel

Luna Miguel, El funeral de Lolita [], 2018, 192 p.

publisher’s summary:

«I don’t even know if you are alive, but I had to tell you: Roberto has died this morning in …,» says Rocío’s message, an old high-school classmate, and Helena’s heart turns upside down. In the same manner as on the day when she alerted her that she had fallen in love with her literature teacher. Now she will have to face his death and her memories. Helena knows death (she lost her parents, in very different circumstances), but that of Roberto will stir all the ghosts.

At the funeral she is met by Rocío, to whom Helena gave her diary many years ago, but also Laura, Roberto’s widow, who insists on inviting her to her home. A young, reputed and controversial gastronomic critic, Helena analyses, recomends and censors tastes and dishes, but she doesn’t know what to do with her life. In Alcalà de Henares where she was born, far away from the magazine where she works and from her partner, while the memories assault her and tie her stomach, she must get to a decision.

With El funeral de Lolita, Luna Miguel confirms this great talent for choosing the right words that has marked her poetry and she comes out as a wonderful narrator.

The critics have said of El funeral de Lolita:

«A fascinating Lolita, as disturbing as the original, who finally allows herself an unsettling reckoning with her past.»
Jorge Volpi (winner of the Premio Biblioteca Breve and Premio Alfaguara de Novela)

«Freshness, intelligence and provocation. Crystalizes the dillisted version of an author sustained by her writing, the hard nut to crack of a voice that matures by leaps and bounds.»
Karina Sainz Borgo, Zenda

«El funeral de Lolita remains in one’s memory and makes one want to talk about it… Explosive, strong and very original.»
Cristina De Stefano (journalist and international literary scout)

«A story as brutal as its form of writing.»
Paula Arenas, 20 Minutos

On the author:

Luna Miguel (Alcalá de Henares, 1990) lives in Barcelona. She is an editor of PlayGround and a contributor to El Cultural. From 18 years of age she has published the poetry collections Estar enfermo [Being sick], Poetry is not dead [original title], La tumba del marinero [The sailor’s grave], Los estómagos [The stomachs] and El arrecife de las sirenas [The mermaids’ reef], and her poems have been translated to a dozen languages. She is also the author of the short story Exhumación [Exhumation] (written together with Antonio J. Rodríguez) and of the essay El dedo. Breves apuntes sobre la masturbación femenina [The finger. Short notes on female masturbation]. In 2018 she won the Elle prize ‘Girls Can Do Anything,’ dedicated to new female promises. El funeral de Lolita is her first novel. She is quite active on Twitter (in Spanish).


SOURCE: Lumen (PRH Spain; publisher)


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