This blogger, born in the 1970s,  is an immigrant to the Iberian peninsula who loves to read and likes to translate. Majored in modern history and international relations. Tries to follow what’s going on in Iberian letters; reads mainly English-speaking authors, such as David Foster Wallace and Zadie Smith, and crime novels by Nordic authors or Fred Vargas. Frequent references to amazon.com come out of pure necessity: the blogging is done from the countryside, where one doesn’t find well-stocked bookstores but where the American retail giant offers reliable two-day deliveries.

A nice treat of Americanah is that one of the protagonists is a blogger, though too successful for my taste.

“The lucky ones are the people like your husband there. The ones who find work that means something to them. That they can really put their heart into, however foolish it might look to other people.”

State senator Barack Obama of Illinois talking to Gwen Shanks, cited by Michael Chabon, Telegraph Avenue.

This blogger is still looking for that kind of (remunerated) work…


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2 thoughts on “About

  1. I am preparing an article for US publication on Ramiro Pinilla. Do you know if there are any plans for an English translation of his novels? I am currently a visiting scholar at la Universidad de Deusto.

    David Bartholomae.

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