Snippet: Héctor Velasco’s “Shameless Lola”

First novel by Héctor Velasco (Barcelona, 1974), Impúdica Lola [Shameless Lola], 576 pages.

Publisher’s summary:

We are in current economic crisis-ridden Spain and Lola is suffering. Thus, she hates her husband who has lost his job and doesn’t look as if he will encounter a new job. And she herself has also lost her income as her small real estate agency had to close. Moreover she hates her mother, especially because she refuses to move into a nursing home so that Lola could sell her apartment and refloat her business. And she hates her brother-in-law, a careful macho who treats her sister as if she was his servant. Basically, she hates all men, everyone for a specific reason, and she also hates women. The only one she loves is her son, for whom she would kill, even though deep inside she knows that he’s a moron. And she also loves, if one can call this love, a man who doesn’t suit her and with whom, in the course of the pages, she will maintain an unconventional sexual relationship.

SOURCE: Lapsus Calami (publisher)

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