Snippet: Ricardo Piglia, Argentine writer, Dies at Age 75

A sad piece of news at the beginning of a new year. Piglia died of ALS. English speaking readers got to know his works before Spanish readers due to censorship under Franco.

There is an English Wikipedia article.

A quick search on google found English language obituaries in the San Diego Jewish World (USA), The Mercury (Australia), and Granma (Cuba).

This blogger intends to read Piglia’s autobiographically inspired Emilio Renzi diaries in the not too far future.

Update (March 24, 2017):

When he died, Piglia left five books ready for publication. In September 2017 there will be published the last volume of the Emilio Renzie diaries, Un día en la vida [One day of life]. Later there will appear Por un relato futuro. Conversaciones con Juan José Saer [By a future tale. Conversations with Juan José Saer]. Another one is Los casos del comisario Croce [Inspector Croce’s cases], 12 stories, eight of them unpublished so far. There will also be a collection of all of his short stories; and Escenas de la novela argentina [Scenes of the Argentine novel], a summary of the literature classes that Piglia delivered on Argentine public TV in 2012.

Other texts that will see their publication in the not immediate future are Ensayos completos, China 1973 [Complete essays, China 1973]; Fragmentos de un diario, Argentina en pedazos y otros prólogos [Fragments of a diary, Argentina in pieces, and other prologues]; and Teoría de la prosa [A theory of prose], a seminary held at the University of Buenos Aires in 1995.

Ricardo Piglia’s personal archive was left to the Firestone Library of Princeton University where Piglia taught.

SOURCE: El Periódico de Catalunya, March 9, 2017, p. 58 [printed edition]


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